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To wholesale customers

“Buckwheat Tea – Ukraine” – is the official and only distributor of NATURE’S OWN FACTORY in Ukraine.


Favorable conditions for:

  • wholesale companies, health food stores
  • supermarkets, organic retail and online stores
  • fitness clubs, spa centers, yoga studios, aesthetic medicine centers and beauty salons
  • restaurants, coffee shops and gas stations.

Price for:

  • The most expensive premium buckwheat tea in two types. Freeze-dried mixture in sealed 100 g designer packaging and 3 g bags (pack of 10 sachets)
  • Handmade craft buckwheat chocolate.
    Bean-to-bar technology. 3 types – milk, white, bitter 61% and exclusive white chocolate with ginger and lemon by Elen Manasir 
  • Healthy Buckwheat Seed Jam 3 types (Apple Strudel, Cherry Pie, Gingerbread)
  • Freshly brewed cold buckwheat tea with fruit juices in 250 ml bottles (Lime, Mango, Raspberry)

* no caffeine
* no gmo
* no refined sugar
* no flavors
* natural ingredients
* unique author’s recipes

All products are certified

Our audience:

• self-sufficient men and women 20-45 years old, family audience, youth
• average and high income
• residents of large cities, owners of their own business
• visitors to fitness clubs, spa centers, beauty salons, gyms
• people who look after themselves and are looking for new ideas for healthy lifestyle

Our commitment:

• Deliver quality goods
• Strictly comply with the terms of the contract
• Ensure timely delivery of goods 

We form a dealer network throughout Ukraine.

Ask for the price and terms of cooperation:

E-mail: [email protected] 

Тел/Viber: (066) 836 16 84 


We will help you choose a holiday set from our products so that your employees are 100% satisfied!

More details:

E-mail: [email protected] 

Тел/Viber: (066) 836 16 84